Houses and Homes-Babies


In My Nest by Sara Gillingham
My House by Byron Barton

Bounces, Rhymes & Fingerplays

My House
I’m going to build a little house Finger form roof
With windows big and bright Two index fingers and thumb
With chimney tall and curling smoke Raise arms up in air
Drifting out of sight.
In winter when the snowflakes fall, Hands flutter down
Or when I hear a storm Hand cupped to ear.
I’ll go sit in my little house Sit in lap
Where I’ll be snug and warm. Hug baby

A House for Me
The carpenters hammer
Goes rap, rap, rap Make hammering motions
And her saw goes see, saw, see. Move arm is sawing motion
She hammers and hammers
And saws and saw
And builds a house for me. Make a roof shape over head with arms.

Here is a nest for robin cup both hands
Here is a hive for bee fists together
Here is a hole for bunny make a circle
And here is a house for ME! make a roof


The Elevator Song by MaryLee Sunseri
This is a perky song that work well with bouncing babies on your knee. Then when the elevator goes up and down we pick babies up and down to correspond with the elevator.

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