Flannel Board Stories

Flannel board stories are some of my favorite things to do during storytime. Since my storytimes tend to be smaller groups I love having children come up and help me manipulate the pieces. It gives them the opportunity to no only listen to a story but interact with it in a tactile way. Given the curious nature of little hands I have altered my approach in creating my flannels. I almost never glue anything now, but rather sew them for added strength.

Below are the flannel boards that I have created. When possible I will include a PDF of the words. It not, I will provide the title and author of the book that was my inspiration.

AThe Ant and the Grasshopper


CCounting Butterflies

DDog’s Colorful Day
Down in the Garden

EElephant Blue
Elephant in a Well

FFive Candles
Five Elephants
Five Hungry Ants
Five Little Bats
Five Little Birds
Five Little Nails
Five Little Pumpkins
Five Pretty Sandcastles
Five Red Strawberries
Five Little Sunflowers
Five Little Teddy Bears
Flowers Make A Rainbow
Four Big Balloons

GGoing For A Ride In My Train
Good-Night Owl!

HHerman the Worm

II Lost My Hammer
I’m A Little Pumpkin
Itsy, Bitsy Spider



LThe Little Bird
Little White Duck
Little White Fish Has a Party

MMother and Baby Match
The Mouse and the Lion
The Mouse and the Winds
Munch, Munch, Munch
My Big Blue Boat

N Night Moon, Night Moon What Do You See?


PPretty Ladybug



S Shapes Poem
Six Valentines
Sock Matching Game
The Surprise

T Teddy Bear Bandage
Ten Fluffy Chickens
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell
Tired Bunnies
Traffic Light
The Turnip


VVegetable Soup Song

W Way Up High
White Rabbit’s Colors
Whose House?
The Wise Blackbird