Albuquerque Turkey

Several years ago I found a Turkey song about a turkey named Albuquerque. It is sung to the the tune of Clementine. There are several variations floating around the internet. Around the same time I picked up a turkey puppet from Folkmanis that is absolutely adorable. I decided that they were meant to go together. Unfortunately it seems like Folkmanis no longer stocks it.

Tune: My Darling Clementine

Albuquerque he’s my turkey
Oh, he’s feathered and he’s fine.
He wobbles and he gobbles,
And I’m awfully glad he’s mine.

He’s the best pet you could ever get.
Better than a dog or cat.
Albuquerque he’s my turkey
And I’m awfully glad of that.

Albuquerque he’s my turkey
He’s so cozy in his bed.
Because for Thanksgiving dinner
We had scrambled eggs instead.

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