Cluck, Cluck, Red Hen

This is a great little song by Raffi. I like how it takes the tradition rhyme and turns it sideways. I’ve done this song with both babies and toddlers with success. They like seeing the animals come alive through the song. As you go through the song, the animals can cluck, baa, moo, and buzz right along.  got all my puppets for this song from Folkmanis Puppets. The color of my puppets don’t necessarily match the song. I don’t dwell on it and the kids so far haven’t noticed.

  • red hen
  • sheep-My sheep is discontinued, but they sell other cute ones that will work as well.
  • cow
  • bee

Baa, baa, black sheep
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full
One for your sweater and one for your rug
One for your blanket to keep you warm and snug

Cluck, cluck, red hen
Have you any eggs?
Yes sir, yes sir, as many as your legs
One for your breakfast and one for your lunch
Come back tomorrow I’ll have another bunch

Moo, moo, brown cow
Have you milk for me?
Yes sir, yes sir, as tasty as can be
Churn it into butter and make it into cheese
Freeze it into ice cream or drink it if you please

Buzz, buzz, busy bee
Is your honey sweet?
Yes sir, yes sir, sweet enough to eat
Honey on your muffin, honey in your cake
Honey by the spoonful as much as I can eat

Baa, baa, black sheep
Have you any wool?…

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