The Valentine Tree

I went on the hunt this year for a new Valentine themed flannel board because I was getting board with what I had. I found this one on a blog called “I Never Grew Up“, was charmed and immediately set out to make my own. I used a little bit of embroidery to make the flowers on the one heart.

Adapted by Jean Warren from a story by Marion Schoeberlein

I know a very special tree
That lives among the pines.
It has no leaves upon its boughs,
It just grows valentines.

It grows some pretty red ones,
And others that are blue,
It grows some fancy lace ones
With flowers on them, too.

It grows some little pink ones
And great big ones of green.
It grows the nicest valentines
That I have ever seen.

One day, I walked up to it
And shook that special tree.
Down fell a valentine
Especially for me!

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