Teddy Bear Bandage

I made ten band-aids for this flannel. It is enough for each child to have a turn to come up and put one on the teddy bear. I rarely have more than ten toddlers at my storytime. You can always make more band-aids as needed. This teddy bear is about 14 inches long. It needs to be large enough to see and have room for all the band-aids.

“Oh, no! Teddy’s paw hurts! Please put a band-aid there to help him feel better!”

Have each child put a Band-Aid on each part of teddy bear that hurts.

Ten Fluffy Chickens

One day I will probably sew the eggs into two five egg clutches for now they are loose. Each egg has a blank side and a side with a chick.

Five eggs and five eggs start with eggs face down
And that makes the
Sitting on top is mother hen.
Cackle, cackle, cackle clap hands as you say cackle
What do I see?
Ten fluffy chickens flip over the eggs
As yellow as can be.