The Mouse and the Winds

In my quest in finding flannel boards that included boats I saw saw mention of turning the short story “The “The Mouse and the Winds” into on. It is one of the short stories included in Arnold Lobel’s book “Mouse Tales.” I like how the story builds upon itself every time the wind blows mouse’s boat. The tree is double sided. One side is plain and one side has flowers so that you can flip it over as needed during the story.

My Big Blue Boat

There are some great picture books about boats but not many boat themed flannel boards. “My Big Blue Boat” is a rhyme that has a few variations depending on who is reciting it. I got my version from Mel at Mel’s Desk to us with both my baby and toddler storytimes. It is a simple rhyme and easy to incorporate color recognition as you sing through it.

Tune: The Muffin Man

I’m sailing in my big blue boat,
Big blue boat, big blue boat.
I’m sailing in my big blue boat, on the deep blue sea.

My blue boat has a purple mast…
My blue boat has two red sails…
My blue boat has a yellow flag…