Teddy Wore His Red Hat

This flannel board is the creation of one of my fellow children’s librarians. I like not only how each hat is a different color but that it matches a job or community helper that children know. “Teddy Wore His Red Hat” is an easy flannel board to have children help participate in. You can pass out the hats before hand and a child can bring up the matching color of hat as you sing the song.

tune: Mary Wore Her Red Dress

Teddy wore his red hat, red hat, red hat,
Teddy wore his red hat all day long.

Teddy wore his white hat…
Teddy wore his yellow hat…
Teddy wore his purple hat…
Teddy wore his blue hat…
Teddy wore his orange hat…
Teddy wore his green hat…
Teddy wore his gray hat…
Teddy wore his brown hat…
Teddy wore his striped hat…

Going For A Ride In My Train

I found this flannel board on The Storytime Lady’s post on her train storytime. I loved that I could easily make trains in various colors that would appeal to babies. The melody is simple enough that parents quickly join in singing along. The trains came from clip art that I found and rendered in felt.

Tune: Ten Little Indians

Going for a ride in my little _____ train
Going for a ride in my little _____ train
Going for a ride in my little _____ train
Chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga
Choo, choo!

Insert color of train

Flowers Make A Rainbow

This flannel board was really easy to construct. I used an Ellison Die cut to cut all the flowers in two shades of each color and found some flower buttons at Joann Fabrics to stitch in the middle. The last time I checked the die cut wasn’t in the current Ellison catalog but they can make dies on special request for about the same amount as current dies. The die cut is a layered flower 25657-LG.

Flowers in a garden
What colors can they be?
Let’s look at all our flowers
What colors do we see?

Here is *one little flower
What color can it be?
A color in the rainbow
Red is the color we see.

*2 Orange
*3 Yellow
*4 Green
*5 Blue
*6 Purple

Flowers make a rainbow
Of colors that we know.
Colors bright and pretty,
That’s why we love them so!