African Animals-Toddlers


Hello Baby! by Mem Fox
Splash! by Flora McDonnell
Starry Safari by Linda Ashman

Flannel Boards


No More Monkeys by Asheba
This is a fun lively version of “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Suzi Shelton
When the music is quiet we pretend to sleep by putting our heads on our hands and swaying until the lions jump up and dance.

Five Elephants

Here are a trio of elephant rhymes. Five Elephants in the Bathtub came from Sunflower Storytime. One set of elephants can be reused for the different rhymes.

Five Elephants in the Bathtub
One elephant in the bathtub
Going for a swim. Knock, Knock Clap twice
Splash, Splash, Slap knees twice
Come on in! Motion with both hands to come in

Repeat up to ‘Five’

Five elephants in the bathtub
Going for a swim.
Knock, Knock, Splash, Splash,
They all fell in! Knock everything off the flannel board!

Five Elephants
One elephant went out to play,
On a spider’s web one day.
He had such enormous fun,
He asked another elephant to come.


Five elephants went out to play,
All on a spider’s web one day.
They had such enormous fun,
They didn’t ask another elephant to come!

Five Little Elephants
Five little elephants rowing toward the shore,
One fell in the water, and that left four.

Four little elephants climbing up a tree,
One slid down the trunk, and that left three.

Three little elephants living in the zoo,
One walked out the gate, and that left tow.

Two little elephants having lots of fun, One went to take a bath, and that left one.

One little elephant sitting in the sun,
She fell sound asleep, and that left none.