Ocean Animals-Toddlers

Once a year, the children’s librarians in each of our buildings create a story kit that is passed around between the buildings. Ocean animals is one I helped to create with another co-worker. We include enough material for all levels of storytime programs. I made new sets of flannel boards for the kits and went all out with embroidery, beads, and sequins. Included here are portions appropriate for toddlers.


Fish Eyes by Lois Ehlert
Fish, Swish! Splash, Dash!: Counting Round and Round by Suse MacDonald
Fish Wish by Bob Barner
Hooray For Fish by Lucy Cousins
I Spy Under the Sea by Edward Gibbs
Moving Day by Robert Kalan
One Lonely Fish by Andy Mansfield
Together by Emma Dodd

Flannel Boards


Baby Beluga by Raffi
I take out the shaky eggs for this song to accompany singing along.
Octpus by Charlotte Diamond
slippery fish just put palms together, glide thru the air
octopus, hook thumbs, fingers as tentacles
tuna fish, two hands, fingertips touching, impression of bigger fish,
shark, flat palms at right angles, open & shut
whale, whole arms, open & shut motion
Pirate Song by Andy Z.
You just might see pirates if you are out swimming with all the ocean animals!
Swimmy Swim by Rachel Buchman
Swim right along to the song!