Flowers Make A Rainbow

This flannel board was really easy to construct. I used an Ellison Die cut to cut all the flowers in two shades of each color and found some flower buttons at Joann Fabrics to stitch in the middle. The last time I checked the die cut wasn’t in the current Ellison catalog but they can make dies on special request for about the same amount as current dies. The die cut is a layered flower 25657-LG.

Flowers in a garden
What colors can they be?
Let’s look at all our flowers
What colors do we see?

Here is *one little flower
What color can it be?
A color in the rainbow
Red is the color we see.

*2 Orange
*3 Yellow
*4 Green
*5 Blue
*6 Purple

Flowers make a rainbow
Of colors that we know.
Colors bright and pretty,
That’s why we love them so!

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