Can You Say It, Too? Hoot! Hoot! by Sebastien Braun
Hoot: A Hide-and-seek Book of Counting! by Jonathan Litton
Hoot! Hoot! by Richard Powell
Night Owl by Toni Yuly

Flannel Board

Bounces, Rhymes & Fingerplays

An Owl Sat Alone on the Branch of a Tree
from King County Library System
An owl sat alone on the branch of a tree, Use arm as branch; holding owl puppet
And she was as quiet as quiet could be.
‘Twas night and her eyes were wide open like this; Circle eyes with fingers and look around
She looked all around, not a thing did she miss.
Some little birds perched on the branch of the tree, Fingers of other hand fly on tree
And sat there as quiet as quiet could be.
The solemn old owl said “whoo-whoo-whoo,”
And up jumped the birds and away they flew. Wave hand away, fluttering fingers behind back

Five Little Owls
Five little owls lived in a tree.
Father thumb
Mother, little finger
And babies three. Three fingers
Father caught a worm. Catching motion
Mother caught a bug.
The three little robins began to tug tugging motion.
This one got a bug.
This one got a worm.
This one said, “Now it’s my turn.

One Little Owl
from King County Library System
Hold one arm horizontally to represent tree branch, and sit one finger on top of arm for owl. ‘Fly’ the owl behind your back, and bring back two fingers to sit in the tree. Sing/repeat as many times as you want, up to five.

There was one little owl, sitting in a tree
He was so lonely, didn’t want to be
So he flew far away, over the sea
Brought back a friend to live in the tree.

There were two little owls, sitting in a tree
Now they aren’t lonely anymore!

Wide-Eyed Owl
from King County Library System
There’s a wide-eyed owl circle your eyes with your hands
With a pointed nose point to nose
Two pointed ears point to ears
And claws for toes wiggle toes
He lives way up in the tree point way up
And when he looks at you point to childrenv He flaps his wings flap your wings
And says, “Whoo! Whoo!” say “whoo whoo”


The Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell
I made a flannel board to go with this song. I find it to be gentle and relaxing.
Little Bird, Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell
This is great to bounce along or flap our arms too.
Mother Gooney Bird by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael
In turn we wiggle first one arm, then two. Next one leg, then two. For the head portion of the song we sway side to side.

There is not a lot of music that is owl specific. I branched out and used some general bird songs to round things out.

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