Rudolph! Rudolph!

This is a popular flannel board that fits with a Christmas theme. I think I initially came across it as Sunflower Storytime. Following the train I got the pattern for Rudolph at Loons and Quines and the rhyme from Crafty Chic Mommy. As I go through the rhyme I hold up the each nose color and have the kids tell me what color it is. That child can then put the nose on Rudolph.

Rudolph! Rudolph! What will you do?
You can’t guide Santa if your nose is BLUE!

Rudolph! Rudolph! you’re such a silly fellow
Who will know it’s you if your nose is YELLOW

Rudolph! Rudolph! your way cannot be seen,
Through the wintry weather if your nose is GREEN

Rudolph! Rudolph! Santa gave a wink
But what will he say if your nose is PINK?

Rudolph! Rudolph! it’s time to fly at night
But you can’t get through the snow if your nose is WHITE

Rudolph! Rudolph! it’s time to go to town
But you can’t help Santa if your nose is BROWN

Rudolph! Rudolph! Santa has his sack
But you’re not ready if your nose is BLACK

Rudolph! Rudolph! the children are in bed
And now we can get on our way because your nose is RED.

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