Colorful Umbrellas

Here in California, December and January are prime rain months. This is one of two umbrella sets I have. I added beads to it for a fun texture when kids help put the umbrellas up on the flannel board. This set is great for counting and color recognition. As I go through the rhyme I hold up the umbrella and have the kids call out the color before they can put it on the flannel board.

We keep our umbrellas folded and dry
Ready and waiting for rain in the sky.

Here is a green one to keep me dry
When I open it up and hold it high.

Have you seen the umbrella that’s ruby red?
I feel like a queen when it’s over my head.

The rain can get heavy, oh me, oh my,
But the purple umbrella will keep me dry.

I love the umbrella of pretty sky blue,
It’s big enough for both me and you.

The yellow umbrella is bright like the sun,
Jumping puddles with it is ever so fun.

The orange umbrella is saved for showers,
The kind of rain that wakes up the flowers.

Our umbrellas are fun and so nice to see,
Just look at them all, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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