The Mouse and The Apple

The Mouse and the Apple is written by Stephen Butler. It tells the story of a mouse who found a beautiful apple hanging on a tree. While he is waiting for it to fall off, a hen, goose, goat, and cow come to join him.

The apple that is hanging from the tree is not attached and can be pulled off in the end for the mouse. A shiny sequin makes it extra special. The patterns for the animals came from Downeast Thunder Farm.

Five Big Lemons

Variations on a theme. I’ve seen this rhyme done before with apple. When I saw a lemon variant at Recipes for Reading I knew that I wanted to make it too. It fits in perfectly with a fruit themed storytime I’ve been putting together with another children’s librarian in my system. Even though it is simple and fast to put together, the leaves really made it extra cute. There is a piece of pipe cleaner connecting the leaves and the lemons together.

Herman the Worm

I’ve never made a Herman piece to go with this rhyme as I have preferred imagination and my hands to show his size. You certainly could make your own Herman if you wanted to.

Each time you cycle through the rhyme shows Herman’s size with your finger. Start small and get larger. After he burps, he is tiny again.

I was sittin’ on my fencepost,
chewing my bugglegum chew gum loudly
Playin’ with my yo-yo! pretend to yo-yo
When along came Herman the worm.
And he was this big. show his size with fingers
And I said, “Herman? What happened?”
“I ate a grape.”